ESP32 CAM Video Recorder (save video)

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ESP32 CAM Video Streaming Web Server

esp32 cam save videos and photos


without Arduino 

TTL esp32 cam

 ESP32 CAM Video Recorder This program records photos and avi videos to the sd card of an ESP32-CAM

SSID and password, and timezone into the config.txt file on the sd card recording length, frame size, and internet on/off

esp32 cam save videos and photos

Parameters for save video

framesize 10,9,7,6,5:

10 - UXGA (1600x1200 @ 6 fps), 
9 - SXGA (1280x1024 @ 6 fps), 
7 - SVGA(800x600 @ 24 fps), 
6 - VGA(640x480 @ 24 fps), 
5 - CIF(400x296 @ 50 fps)

The settings were framesize HD (11), quality 14, max fps or zero interval, 30 seconds long, speedup 1 times. It came out at about 12.4 fps. Lowering the quality slightly -- higher quality number

Must be Used Arduino ide 2.0.2 and Wifimanager

web server setting 

can be stream video with 2 ports  and full information about video record-setting (time for each video - video quality - video name and size - total space sd card and free space sd card - set time zone - take photos  ) 


 esp32 cam save videos and photos


File Manager 

esp32 cam save videos and photos

  • SD space and used space

  • GOTO ROOT DIR - takes you to the root

  • Folders are white - click on it to enter that folder

  • Files are blue/orange - click on the file to download it to your browser/computer

  • "D" "R" and "E" to delete, rename, or edit the files - only edit text files

  • Download all files to get the entire folder shown (not the subfolders)

esp32 cam save videos and photos


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