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ASP.NET Core Web API Tutorial- core web api is the latest and most powerful framework for the development of RESTful Web API. This Asp.Net Core Web API is open source and supported by Microsoft.

Video 1 have :


  • Create Project and Sturcture
  • Add Domain Model
  • Adding IGenericRepository
  • Adding GenericRepository
  • Add Application Db Context
  • Install Nugets ASP.NET Core ( Entity Framework )
  • Configure Fulient API Validation
  • Implementing Generic Repository
  • Adding Unit Of Work
  • Connection Db MS SQL Server
  • Add-Migrations And Update-Database


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Video 2 have :


  • Seeding Data
  • Git Hub
  • Create Api Controller
  • Get All
  • Get By ID
  • Insert
  • Update
  • Delete
  • Api Swagger
  • Postman

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Video 3 have


  • Shaping Return Data
  • Adding Automapper Configure
  • BasicEntity
  • Create API Controller
  • Get All
  • Get by ID
  • Insert with Validation
  • Insert Upload Image

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Video 4 have :


  • Url Resolver
  • Update with Delete Old Image
  • Delete with Delete Old Image
  • Creating Bug Controller And List Errors
  • Exception Handler Middleware

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Video 5 have :


  • Sorting
  • Filtering
  • Pagination and Page Count
  • Search
  • Adding CORS Support to the API

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Video 6 have :


  • redis database

Redis is an open source in-memory data store that works really well as a cache or message broker, but it can also be used as a database when you don’t need all the features of a traditional database. It offers excellent performance, with the ability to quickly read and write data to memory.

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Video 7 have :


  • Setting up Identity packages
  • Adding identitydbcontext and apply migration
  • Configure Identity and Seeding
  • Adding Account Controller
  • egister New User
  • Adding and Configure Token Generation Services
  • Testing Authorize Attribute
  • Get Current User And Check Email Existence
  • Get User Address
  • Model Validation
  • Checking Email And Password Validation
  • Authorize Swagger

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Video 8 have :


  • Creating Order Entity
  • Configuring Order Entities
  • Creating Order Migration
  • Creating Order Services
  • Implementing Create Order Method
  • Creating Order Controller
  • Testing Check out Endpoint
  • Implementing Checkout Process
  • Implementing Order get Methods
  • Testing Order Controller Get Methods
  • Shaping The Order
  • AutoMapper Config For Orders

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