NFT Marker Creator

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Create Marker ( Image target ) Marker-based augmented reality experiences require a static image also referred to as a trigger photo that a person can scan using their mobile device via an augmented reality app.

This Marker can be used on Unity3d Or Web augmented reality

Can Be create marker ( Image target) for free without any license  such as (Vuforia) 

This editor creates NFT markers for ARTOOLKIT 5.x, and it is part of the efforts to bring NFT tracking to jsartoolkit5 (and eventually projects like AR.js).

Workring By Node  Or IIS

Click here online for free Marker NFT -Marker Creator Online



How It Working

  1. Upload any JPG/PNG image.
  2. Very good Marker star rating 5 and Good 3 Star
  3. Click the generate button.
  4. The files will be automatically downloaded when the generation finishes.