Who We Are?

Edafa are the only one have integrated solutions website apps,mobile apps(android & ios),and also management systems(HR, Accounting,.....etc).

What We Do?

Integrated system has backend and frontend with unlimited users Subscribe with us with limited numbers of users depend on your selected package Hosting & Domain

Our Free Services

- Online tool for creating native CSS3 Keyframes Animation(Amazing Css) .
- Create Free Marker.
- 10 Screen WebXR , Custom AR tracking images , 3D models up to 8 Mb for each model, Video up to 8 Mb for each model , Photo up to 8 Mb for each model, Unlimited Views.

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Edafa It Solutions

Main Website of our work. Edafa It Solutions

You not need mobile Application to AR and not need Developer - Publish photos, videos & 3D models in augmented reality on the web.
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